About Founder

Amarinder Singh

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Certified Career Counsellor from Univariety and UCLA

I am Amarinder Singh, a Globally Certified Career Counselor. I obtained my certification from the prestigious University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in partnership with Univariety. Initially, my background was geared towards the civil services, but along the way, I discovered a passion for teaching and counseling. This realization led me to embark on a career as a professional teacher cum counselor.

My journey has been filled with valuable experiences and extensive training.

My Global Certification in Career Counseling from UCLA has equipped me with a diverse skill set that enables me to assist individuals in making informed career decisions. I take pride in guiding my clients, helping them identify their strengths, explore various career options, and develop strategies for their professional growth.

My particular focus lies in entrepreneurship and counseling, and I have taken the initiative to establish my own enterprise. Through this endeavor, I aim to create a lasting impact in the field of career counseling, empowering individuals to pursue fulfilling careers and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.

I believe in a multifaceted approach to career counseling, incorporating various techniques and methodologies to cater to the unique needs of each individual. My ultimate goal is to empower people, enabling them to make confident decisions about their careers and find fulfillment in their professional lives.

About Institute

ONE 9 Education Consultancy

We aspire to benchmark our services against the best organizations worldwide, continuously improving our offerings to meet the evolving needs of students in a rapidly changing global landscape. Our dedication to delivering high-quality services and staying at the forefront of industry trends allows us to confidently compete on a global scale.